Mayra returns to training. Road to the Crossfit Games

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Training for the Crossfit games began today for Mayra Brandt at Crossfit Delray Beach after a week of deload (rest and relaxation). She got back into the lifts working on a snatch complex up to 80% (155lbs.) x 6 sets, then she went into a brutal complex of 3 cleans + 1 jerk up to 85% (195lbs.). We worked on specific breathing exercises prior to lifting and this allowed her to really connect off the floor. 
After the weights, we did a low intensity 20 minute conditioning piece to increase cardiac output: 20min row w/ a 50m crossfit walk every 2min. Nice and easy to get back into the swing of things. For the month of May, Mayra will be rebuilding the aerobic system after LOTS of high power work over the last 3 months. Then back into blending higher reps and breathing work before peaking in August for the crossfit games Following along as she step into her greatness!!!!